Posting secrets

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“I am literally dying to be skinny.” “If my friend hadn’t knocked on that window, I wouldn’t be here today.” “I want to run down AJ’s Way naked.” These are some of the secrets of the students at Gannon University, submitted to PostSecret U. PostSecret U is hosted by Active Minds at Gannon, a club […]

The best place to go ‘downtown after sundown’

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Plymouth has a lot of history. Over the years it has endured many changes but still captures the same charm it had for centuries, attracting visitors of all ages. At first read, most people would think I’m talking about the famous town of Plymouth, Mass. But any Erie native will instantly know I’m actually talking […]

The view from the director’s chair

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“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.” Of course those players wouldn’t know what their entrances and exits were if they didn’t have a director. A number of directors have made names for […]

The Schuster Theatre sends out a call for dawns

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Fringe Fest Erie presents amazing opportunities for Gannon students and community members to engage in theatre in new and unique ways. This year, the first choral piece ever performed in the festival will take place– and it’s in 12 different languages. “Calling All Dawns” is a song cycle focused around the themes of day, night […]

The Millcreek Mall welcomes new stores

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Between Pennsylvania’s lack of sales tax on clothing and being one of the largest shopping malls in the county, the Millcreek Mall is a popular destination for shopping, eating and hanging out for Gannon students and visitors from Pittsburgh, Ohio, and New York. But some new additions are about to make it even more popular. […]

Leaving home and going back again

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I feel like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.” No, I’m not confused about my gender; I’m talking about my journey through college. Let’s pretend that college is Oz. At the beginning, both are terrifying with all the new places, new people, and usually no one immediately around to help. Suddenly, you’re not in Kansas […]

Post Secret U returns

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Post Secret U, is being presented by Gannon University’s Active Minds organization, will be going on Wednesday until March 14. Post Secret U is a campus-based community art project that uses submitted secrets as an art display. PostSecret is an ongoing community art project and blog, created and maintained by Frank Warren, where people mail […]

Gearing up for Ultimate Fave

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Not everyone knows basketball. But here at Edge, we play a different kind of March Madness.   Ultimate Fave is an annual competition pitting local attractions, restaurants and hangouts in a fierce round-robin style tournament. The tournament is to determine what establishment is the definitive favorite among Gannon students, faculty, alumnus and other members of […]

Getting the call: A short story about grad school

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“Ugh,” I think to myself, “not another Singing Valentine.” I was finalizing the Mixed Chorus’ annual fundraising project for the past three hours and was just ready to be done. Nevertheless, I pulled out my phone, and checked the number and location – mobile, AL. I bolted for the door. Last weekend I interviewed with […]

Getting to know the Gannon Guides Part 2

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Whether you’re just beginning to look for colleges or you’re trying to make your final decision, a visit can be one of the most informative things you can do. And what better way to spend a visit than on a tour of campus! Meet some (more!) of our tour guides who might lead you on […]