A Welcome, an Invitation and a Byte to Chew On

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Welcome back to campus, Gannon students! Also welcome to all the new first-year students. I’m sure that you’re getting yourself settled into your new life on campus. I moved into a new apartment this semester and I really love it here. Even though I know I am going to be busy again, I enjoy having […]

NEW BLOG: Technically Speaking w/ David Kramer

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David Kramer is a freshman software engineering major  from Vandergrift, Pa. He is a 2010 graduate of Kiski Area High School. Keep up with his blog to get an inside look at the world of software engineering here at Gannon. Since this is my first blog for Edge, I thought I would share an important […]

Radiologic Science Majors Have X-Ray Vision

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Have you ever had x-rays taken of a broken bone or seen an ultrasound? These are the kind of tasks that radiologic science majors learn here at Gannon. An associate degree in radiologic science could lead to a career in: Computed tomography Magnetic resonance imaging Ultrasonography Radiation therapy

Program Your Future at Gannon

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With the holiday season upon us, students finally have time to enjoy away from school; time to spend with family and friends – or to enjoy a hobby. If designing computer programs is a hobby you enjoy – or if you are considering computer and information sciences as a potential college major – Gannon is […]