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Other Side: Beating Burnout

One of the most challenging aspects of being a fieldwork student or unpaid intern is the continuous pressure to be “proving yourself.” I found that during my level 2 fieldwork experiences, I would constantly be pushing myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I wanted to prove to my clinical instructors and other members of the staff […]

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And Then It Was Now: Beat Stress by Getting Things Done (and puppies)

To be completely honest, college life can get you down. I am certainly not saying it will, but for some, the adjustment can be difficult. Personally, my freshman year has been a roller-coaster of nervousness and excitement, with a few upside-down twists. After little more than half of one semester, I can confirm what my […]

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Stress-Less Yoga

I’m not a flexible, physically fit, or morning-loving person. I am, however, a very stressed person. Over the summer, I began to feel like I was waking up on the wrong side of the bed and having a stressful day every single day. Granted, I was performing in two plays, directing another play, and stage […]

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Don’t panic!

As of last night, I have had exactly two panic attacks in my life. The first one displayed the normal symptoms: shortness of breath, a racing heart and feeling faint. Yesterday’s attack was much more serious. I woke up with this overwhelming sense of dread that failed to leave my stomach for the rest of […]

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Tips for making the homestretch

Easter break came at the perfect time this year- right in the middle of April, now we have a little over a week left of class and then finals week! Here are a few tips to get you through the rest of the year strong: Make time for breaks! Schedule 10-minute breaks when you’re studying […]

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Stop the stress!

Stress happens to all of us. It’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed and overworked, especially at the end of the semester. However, we can’t let the stress take over our lives. Here are a few helpful hints to help you manage your stress levels and get your work done on time! 1. Make a playlist. […]

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Freshman year hits the home stretch

As the end of our last semester approaches, it’s safe to say that we have learned the ropes of college. The tough part now is to remain focused and not think too much about summer plans rather than school priorities. Scheduling is finished, so we know what we will be taking next year, but it […]

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Locked out of bio!

At exactly 3:04 p.m. on March 25, I raced to my laptop, logged on to GUXpress, and methodically hit “Register” for each of my classes. As my finger quivered over the “Submit” button, I thought to myself, “Finally! My schedule for next year is going to be so awesome! I’ll have no classes on Fridays!” […]

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My finals week: Study, eat, tweet, pray, repeat

Without a doubt the most stressful part of my semester was finals week. Turning in papers, taking exams and wrapping up any last-minute chance to solidify the grade you want is completely unnerving. Initially I thought this finals week was going to be easier than normal, since about half of my classes did not have […]

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Finding calm during the finals countdown

There are approximately four days left of school, and it feels like I just walked on campus last week. While I’m very excited for school to be over, I’m totally terrified. I have five finals, three presentations, too much on my plate and one very important research paper to do – all before the end […]

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