Playlist: WERG Classics

One of my favorite activities on campus was being an on-air personality for WERG. I hosted an air shift where I announced songs, performed music news updates and even voiced a promo. One thing I really liked was that I was able to voice-track a show in advance so I could fit this into my schedule. […]

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Gannon Student Receives Irish Government Scholarship to Study Abroad

Senior Jenna Sulecki not only received a Government of Ireland Scholarship and living stipend to spend the academic year at partner institution Mary Immaculate College, but she is also directing their musical this semester! We are so impressed with and proud of all of Jenna’s accomplishments! We will be catching up with her in Ireland in a […]

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Sam Hyman: working at Gannon, “playing a good gig”

I bet you didn’t know that among the illustrious staff at Gannon, there was a potential Grammy nominee. Sam Hyman, technical director of campus events, in addition to his dedicated work at Gannon, is also a well known and widely respected musician. You may not be able to pick this singer/songwriter out of the university […]

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Album Reviews

Ruminations: Conor Oberst – 3.5/5     The word “rumination” means deep thought and consideration, which is exactly what Conor Oberst put into his most recent album. Released on October 14th, Ruminations is Oberst’s 10th solo album. The entire album is recorded using only a guitar, piano, and harmonica. Furthermore, he has never been known […]

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Now Playing

The songs we’ve can’t get enough of at Edge. Updated weekly with two songs from each Edge staffer. This week we have music from Dawes, You Blew It! Day Wave, and more.

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PLAYLIST sounds of the office

Playlist: Sounds of the Edge Office

Ah, the Edge office – she is a merciless beast. Much like the sea, she giveth and taketh away (deadlines and content ideas, respectively). Okay, so it’s really not bad at all, and I don’t know why I’m talking like a sea captain, but things can get stressful around here! Anytime one of us is […]

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salad days aaron mook

Salad Days Are Here

Where to start? I guess it’s worth knowing that I’ve been going to tattoo parlors for years watching my friends get “inked” (or whatever lame tattoo lingo you feel like using), and almost every time, I’ve considered getting something. I’ve had plenty of ideas, too, from the Modest Mouse and AbsolutePunk logos to a circus-style […]

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Frame and Mantle

Gig Life: Six days on the road with Aaron Mook

Following the last semester of my junior year I was given the truly excellent opportunity to sell merch for my friends in local post-rock band Frame and Mantle on their six-day east coast tour. Together, we drove miles and miles in a packed van to five different cities, crashing on acquaintances’ couches and checking out […]

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Edge Playlist: Springtime Overload

    Boy, do I have a good one for you this time, folks. Last year, I gave you a playlist for the season, simply titled: “Spring!” This time around I went a little weirder with the song selection to give you as much of those springtime good vibes as possible. The result is 10 […]

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Learning the music for Evita is hard. What does this mean for my career as an educator?

This spring at Gannon University, the theater department decided to be ambitious enough to put together Andrew Lloyd Weber’s acclaimed musical Evita. I was cast in the ensemble in this production. After the first vocal rehearsal, I realized that this production features incredibly complex music with insane time signature and key changes. The music also features […]

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