[REDACTED]: I Guess I’m a Writer Now

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I never considered myself to be a writer. For years, I would fruitlessly attempt to put down words to a page. I’m an actor at the Schuster Theatre – so words mean a lot to me – but I’ve always struggled to create from nothing. Writing is difficult for a number of reasons – clarity […]

Edge Radio – Fringe Fest Erie 2015

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For the second installment of Edge Radio, I went to the office of Jax Kubiak (technical director of the Schuster Theatre and producer of Fringe Fest Erie) to talk about the exciting month of theatre ahead for our community. Go to www.gannon.edu/schustertheatre for more information!

How ‘Any.Do’ can make you a better student

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Like many college students, I struggle with time management. I feel as though there are a million things on my plate at any given time, and remembering every single task, meeting, assignment and event seems to be a Sisyphean ordeal. I tried writing down things in a planner, but I’d often forget to bring it […]

What happened on the way to the forum with Rev. Shawn Clerkin

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Photo courtesy of Rick Klein If you’ve been around the Schuster Theatre, chances are you’ve come across Father Shawn Clerkin. Father Shawn, the Director of Theater for Gannon University, is one of the more colorful faculty members at the school. He’s currently directing the spring musical, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the […]

Breaking down SGA elections

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This past week, two very important things happened regarding SGA elections. First, the SGA debate was held in Waldron, covered via live stream by Edge Magazine, the Gannon Knight and our own campus station, 90.5 WERG. Secondly, the Gannon Knight released their SGA election issue, providing an interview with each presidential candidate as well as […]

Bringing “Melancholy” to the Schuster Theatre

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Featured photo courtesy of Rick Klein. As defined by Webster’s dictionary, a farce is a comic, dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay, and typically includes crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.  Sarah Ruhl’s “The Melancholy Play,” directed by Alaina Manchester, is no exception to this definition. “The Melancholy Play” opens with Tilly (played by Brianna […]

University announces newest online-only program

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Gannon University has been expanding beyond the City of Erie and increasing its digital presence. The master’s of education degree is the university’s newest online program. It joins other master‘s degrees in business administration, public administration and engineering management, as well as a registered nursing to bachelor of science in nursing undergraduate degree. But unlike […]

These things and their names

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Signing the lease for my first apartment is one of those pivotal adult moments I’ve had on my checklist for years. It’s right up there between meeting Lance Bass and doing a back flip as one of the things that will make me a fully quantifiable adult. But once the paperwork was finished and I […]

Text my Facebook and tweet me on Google+

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Dear [Redacted] readers: Thank you for trying to get in touch with me. Unfortunately, you failed to follow protocol. I’ve come up with a list of digital prioritization to let people know how to contact me (or really anyone). Phone call: Only use this if a) you’re dying, b) you need something right this second […]