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Other Side: Do I Really Need These Classes?

One of the most common complaints I hear among college students regards taking core classes. The bemoaning typically goes along the lines of, “This *insert class title* is so dumb; why do I even need to take this?” Well, dear students, as someone who has taken those classes and also whined about them, I’m here […]

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Cooking n’ Such

As a little kid, my favorite thing to do was to go to the grocery store with my mom. I know, I know, that sounds like I a) had a really disappointing childhood or b) didn’t get out much as a kid, but hear me out:  I loved grocery shopping. I loved the order behind […]

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Starting a club in 3 easy steps

We’ve all been there– lounging about with friends in our residence hall, chatting about our hobbies, when suddenly someone pipes up, “Man, why doesn’t Gannon have a _____ club?” Typically, that is when others chime in with exclamations of, “Yeah! That’d be so awesome!” but then the subject is immediately dropped. Students typically believe that […]

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Bruce Kibler, a world professor

Students typically only view their professors through a student-teacher perspective.  They enter class, get lectured, get their assignments for the next class and then leave.  Students often forget that professors are people too, and can be a vessel of useful information and interesting stories. With this in mind I sought an interview with a unique […]

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