5 tips for warding off dry skin

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Does the winter air crack your skin? Cold temperatures, dry indoor air and hot showers can all contribute to dry skin. I’m not skipping out on hot showers, especially on those cold nights, so to help my skin, I am adding more moisture into my daily routine. Here are some of my best tips to […]

Desks no longer just for sitting and working

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Maybe you’ve heard the buzz words nutritionists like to use for American’s infamous, first world patterns like “sedentary lifestyle” and “obesity epidemic,” but have you ever heard any solutions offered besides workout routines? Gannon University administrators recently participated in a pilot program for one of the proposed solutions to sedentary workplaces: treadmill desks. These desks […]

Eating the right colors (and other healthy tips)

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You’re waiting in line on campus to find your lunch. Sure you could get a salad, but that pizza looks like it just came out of the oven and those French fries smell delicious. It’s an easy trap to fall into at college—you make your own food choices regardless of any judgment. Sometimes, we have […]

Burger king now avoiding deep-fried anything

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I am without a doubt a burger junkie. You name a joint in Erie, and I’ve had a burger there. A turkey burger with a handful of pickles and tomatoes from Sara’s should be renamed the Jake Slease special because I’ve ordered so many. The phone number to the nearest Five Guys is programmed in […]

Let the chi flow

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A class you may not know even existed on campus is one that brings energy, lightness, balance, calmness and clarity. Fred Popeski is teaching a tai chi and qi gong class in the rec center.  Using the life force (chi), Mr. Popeski teaches students a system of physical exercise to improve and maintain health. Tai […]

Taking an active approach to mental health

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Chances are someone you know – whether it be a friend, a family member, or a coworker – has dealt with mental illness. In fact, one in four people will experience a mental health issue at some point in their life. But even though these issues are so prevalent, there still exists a stigma against […]

Pulse GU: Wrapping up Spring Semester

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Hello again! As they say, time sure flies by when you are having fun. This has certainly been true for this semester, which is almost over, and I can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday that I was driving back from Ohio to start the new semester after a long winter vacation. And now […]

J-School Cool: “Back” in Shape After Health Center Visit

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Last night, I was all wrapped up in pounding out a research paper at my dining room table. When I stood up to get my late-night comfort food (chips and salsa, but of course), I felt a sharp pain – and it wasn’t the “boy, am I ready to be done with this paper” kind. […]

Eternal Sunshine: Big Flu and the Germaphobe King

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“Hello, how are you doin’ today? I hope I find you feeling healthy. I’m so glad our paths crossed this time today, on our way into the night…” Well okay that last part isn’t completely applicable (unless you’re like me and find most of your creative spark late at night) but I was listening to […]