My First Occupational Therapy Doctorate Fieldwork Experience

My classmates and I have begun our first Level 1 occupational therapy fieldwork experiences. In our occupational therapy doctorate program (OTD), we have to go through three “Level I” placements and two “Level II” placements prior to completing the program. We are on our first psychosocial rotations and have been placed at some of our […]

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5 Reasons to Attend AOTA’s Centennial Conference (With Helpful Tips!)

The American Occupational Therapy Association is holding its annual conference in Philadelphia this year! This will be my first time attending a conference and what better year to be a newbie than at the centennial celebration! My classmates and I are extremely excited to get to experience all things OT-related and to get to connect […]

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The Impact of Experience : Our First Client Interviews

As the semester comes to an end, I wanted to share an experience that my classmates and I have shared a few weeks ago. As you may know, we are first-year students in Gannon’s Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) program. We just survived our final exam for clinical neuroscience (whew!). Along with the final exam, we […]

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affirmation stones

Good Things are Coming!

We are at that point in time where we are starting to look back on experiences we have had that we are thankful for. It is that time when we have so much to do, but we try remain optimistic as the semester comes down to its last month. Whether you are a freshman in […]

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - April 14, 2013: Linkedin logo displayed on an iPad device from top, on a table with a coffee cup. Linkedin is a professional social networking website and it has been launched in 2003. Linkedin is mainly used for professional networking purposes, such as job search or company profiles.

Professional Networking 101: LinkedIn

Oftentimes, many shy away from creating a professional online profile. As a future health professional, I have reaped many benefits from having an active professional profile in which I can connect with friends, classmates, teachers, and future employers. I have connected with occupational therapists from other countries as well as some in the area that […]

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Mid-Semester Reflection

There comes a point in the semester where we really get to realize how quickly time is flying. I remember when it was orientation week.  I can easily recall the nervousness and excitement we all felt as we were finally able to put faces to names, after spending the entire summer immersing ourselves and transitioning […]

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GU Ruskin Meets Washington, D.C.

Hello everyone, from sunny Florida, at the GU Ruskin campus! I am excited to have the opportunity to share my experiences as an occupational therapy graduate student here at Gannon University. Although I am only in my first year of my program, I have taken advantage of the many opportunities that are offered by our […]

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gannon gulf coast guide

Gannon’s Gulf Coast Guide: Summer in the South

With its palm trees and sunshine all year round, the Ruskin campus is spoiled with summer weather for most of the school year, but the hard work doesn’t stop. For the first time in a year, the students and faculty were able to have a bit of a break while still focusing on laying the […]

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