Top 5 Things Mérida Taught Me

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Never underestimate the power of a day. Sometimes the moments you originally deem as insignificant become the moments that you shape the rest of your life. When I was placed on the waitlist for Gannon’s Physician Assistant program in 2016, I was extremely disappointed. At that point, I thought that my dream of becoming a […]

First World Problems: Reflections in Preparation for Haiti

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As much as I hate to admit it at times… I am a total millennial. Slow wifi, lack of social media and cold showers are some of my least favorite things. We are all used to these simple luxuries. For instance, when I moved into my apartment in late August this year I was horrified […]

Alternative Break Service Trips: Q&A

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Alternative Break Service Trips (ABSTs) are offered by the Center for Social Concerns and allow students to help domestic or international communities. Sophomore social work major Leah Johnson is a co-leader for one such trip and gave some insight about the ABST program. Q: Tell us about the trip you’re going on.  A: I am co-leading the […]

Fair Trade Sale to be held Friday

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Students will be given the opportunity Friday to do some guilt-free shopping for Christmas presents — or themselves — thanks to the annual Fair Trade Sale. Gannon University’s Catholic Relief Service ambassadors are hosting the sale at the Waldron Campus Center as part of their goal to increase fair trade products available on campus. Sara […]

National and international opportunities for break

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For many of us, spring break plans are not a priority during October.  There’s still so much time before break next semester and other activities to look forward to before then. However, for some students, it’s all they’re thinking about as they make plans to take an Alternative Break Service Trip (ABST.) Alternative Break Service […]