Spring into Service

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Here at Gannon, we value service towards others and giving back to our community. We offer many opportunities to become involved in service through programs like GIVE Day, ABSTs, and other posted events throughout the year. As spring break quickly approaches, many students are preparing to go on Alternative-Break Service Trips (ABST). These trips are […]


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     Sundays are easily the most relaxing days in my opinion. They are the days which give you the opportunity to unwind and prepare for the upcoming week. Depending on how my week ahead looks, I always like to have a good routine that I dwell into each Sunday!   Prepping: The first thing […]

Love Your Melon Hats & Their Mission

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Hey everyone!   In this new segment of my blog, I will be focusing on different organizations that give back to the community. In my last post, I talked about the benefit of planting trees, which is very important, especially with the fires in Australia right now. In this blog, I want to bring light […]

What is Gannon Rocks?

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Do you like to talk about music and bands? Do you like to discuss the background and controversies associated with these bands and the members themselves? Then you might like being a part of Gannon Rocks. Gannon Rocks is a club started by Nick Carneval and Dr. Megan Woller, assistant professor in the Fine Arts […]


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            Starting a new year and a new semester means a fresh start and a time to make room for new habits. As we get older, time starts to go by a lot quicker and we begin to lose the desire to give our minds a cleanse when we need it most. For 2020, it […]

Yosemite National Park

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Hello fellow travelers! If you have done any research into National Parks at all, you know that there are certain parks that are practically required for you to go to. These parks are the “Ivy Colleges” of the National Park System, if you will. I would easily say that one of the top 3 in […]

Tee Goes Print!

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Going through college as a public relations and advertising communication major, I have taken the time to identify my weaknesses. One of these is the mechanics of my writing. I personally love to write and have a lot of content ideas that I am passionate about, but my grammar could improve. With that being known, […]

Another Trip To Athens

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Athens, Greece is a landmark with ancient buildings that not only are wonderful to capture, but are historically valuable from a tourists point of view. If I could go visit these historical monuments tomorrow, I would be arriving on my plane today. This place is not only just of historical value, but from a tourists […]