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Breaking Bad habits…

We all have them and we all love to hate them. Bad habits can be hard to break, but not impossible. I am here to tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Every one has bad habits and I mean everyone. Whether its nail biting or chewing on pencils […]

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Edge 4

Garbage Shamrock!

If any of have ever had to pick up trash after a garbage bag ripped while you were walking to the garbage can, you know the struggle of picking up the filth that you have accumulated that week. Well on Wednesday I had to take trash from multiple academic buildings around campus (thanks Palumbo and […]

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to do list

A Open Letter For the Struggling Student

For anyone who is struggling this semester – this is for you. I know you may feel tired or lost. It happens to the best of us. Actually, it happens to all of us at least once in our lives. You have no idea how to fix things and that’s okay. No one has all […]

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Bucket List before Graduating

Al of us have some sort of bucket list – whether it is a list of things jotted down in a journal or a handful of goals written down on the back of a napkin. I never really thought of a substantial list until now, it always been just a thought in the back of […]

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Sending My Stories in For Publication

Constructive Criticism – who doesn’t love it? Or, in my case, hate it. Recently, someone very close to me (*cough cough* my best friend) told me I should start publishing my short stories. Hearing her say this, I immediately tuned out and went about my day (watching Netflix and eating Oreos). After she realized I […]

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Valentine’s Day: A Few Things You May Have Missed

With Valentine’s Day here, I thought I would discuss some cliche details that most people never bring up. The most important detail to mention is that chocolate is half-off the day after Valentine’s Day. I repeat: ┬áCHOCOLATE IS HALF-OFF. Why more people do not advertise this or talk about it is astounding. Forget getting me […]

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An Open Letter to My Heroes at Gannon

First, I have to mention that even though I do not say it often, I love you guys! You make my day so much brighter and weirder. And most importantly, you make Gannon home. From making tea to screeching velociraptor noises at each other from across the room, I would never change us for the […]

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New Year, Same Me

How many of you took the time to think of a New Year’s resolution? How many of you abandoned that resolution a month after making it? A week? A day? The point is that society empathizes “New Year, New Me,” but how long does that really last? A more accurate term society should coin is […]

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Brace Yourselves: Christmas Spirit

Tis’ the season to be jolly. I have been hearing this for the past two weeks. The lurking phrase that constantly reminds me that the season to be overly merry is upon us. As someone who loves Christmas and winter in general very much, I find the phrase utterly appalling. Do not get me wrong, […]

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