A Day in the Life of a Nursing Student

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Nursing is a challenging profession, no matter what people tell you. It starts off with your General Education classes, which is clearly not what anyone wants; though we all have to get them out of the way. Then, it heads in the direction of your actual career classes. This next step, is where you start […]


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If you come to school and decide to start cooking instead of eating within the school’s food facilities, you might be a little nervous, especially if you have never cooked before. Personally, this is my first-year cooking on campus, and I was nervous too! So, from doing some research and making food myself, I found […]

Décor Series – Halloween

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With all of the different holidays that are coming up, people are going to want to decorate their dorms and maybe even themselves for different festivities. But I do know, as a college student, that buying decorations and costumes can get very expensive, so I wanted to write a blog on a few different ways […]

The Power of Talking

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A lot of people suffer from anxiety, depression, OCD, and all sorts of different problems that get in the way of their everyday lives. Statistically, 46% of Americans suffer from mental illness, and a lot of the time those people do not seek help or talk about it because they believe that it is “embarrassing” […]

Hints for Happy

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Being happy is the best feeling anyone could have. It gets rid of the negativity in your life and makes you look at things in a much more positive way rather than constantly dragging yourself down. Many people – including myself – have struggled with being happy and just getting to their peak happiness. I […]

5 Ways To Save $$$

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One of the most important – and often stressful – things in life is money. You need it for a variety of things; bills, food, spending money, etc. If only everything in life could be cheap or free, oh what a dream… Anyways, trying to save up money can be hard for people, whether that […]

Bullet Journal… Why? How?

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Over the summer I recently started up a new hobby that really helped me organize myself and time. I picked up this activity that is called a “Bullet Journal”. A Bullet Journal is a wide variety of things, but it is all based on what you want to be written down into your journal. It […]

Choosing A Major

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  What do you like? The first step in trying to choose a major is figuring out what you enjoy doing. There are a few different ways to figure this step out.   Make a list of all the things that spark your interest. Figuring out what you enjoy most if one of the best ways to […]

How to deal with homesickness

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Moving away from home in any situation is hard to deal with. No matter how excited you are, you will more than likely experience homesickness at one point in your life. Today I will be sharing a few tips on how to deal with homesickness.   Don’t be too hard on yourself Oftentimes, people will […]

Dorm Projects

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Being stuck in your dorm with nothing to do is the absolute worst – especially when it is  minus 25 degrees outside here in Erie! Whether you are bored or stuck in your dorm, there is always that thought of “What can I do in here?” Today, I am here to give you a few […]