Sam Hyman: working at Gannon, “playing a good gig”

I bet you didn’t know that among the illustrious staff at Gannon, there was a potential Grammy nominee. Sam Hyman, technical director of campus events, in addition to his dedicated work at Gannon, is also a well known and widely respected musician. You may not be able to pick this singer/songwriter out of the university […]

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And Then It Was Now: Your Opinions Matter!

Have you ever disagreed with something somebody said? Well, of course you have. There are so many opposing viewpoints on nearly every topic that exists. Some people, believe it or not, even disagreed with Newton’s law of gravity. However, I imagine that those same people were also fundamentally against floating into space. My point is […]

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And Then It Was Now: Beat Stress by Getting Things Done (and puppies)

To be completely honest, college life can get you down. I am certainly not saying it will, but for some, the adjustment can be difficult. Personally, my freshman year has been a roller-coaster of nervousness and excitement, with a few upside-down twists. After little more than half of one semester, I can confirm what my […]

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Winter Driving in Erie

If you are new to Erie, or perhaps adjusting to the snowy commute, here are some tips for surviving the slick roads brought to you by lake effect snow. Since beginning my journey at Gannon only a few short months ago, I have already met a few students who have yet to experience snow at […]

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Album Reviews

Ruminations: Conor Oberst – 3.5/5     The word “rumination” means deep thought and consideration, which is exactly what Conor Oberst put into his most recent album. Released on October 14th, Ruminations is Oberst’s 10th solo album. The entire album is recorded using only a guitar, piano, and harmonica. Furthermore, he has never been known […]

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And Then It Was Now

Sometimes, life goes by so fast that you have to recap your week just to make sense of it. I find that I am so busy that I forget everything that I did and don’t give myself enough credit for my accomplishments throughout the week. Also, I feel like recording the things I check off […]

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And Then It Was Now – Commuter Life (and Free Pizza)

In October, the commuter life organization hosted a “How’s It Going?” lunch for the freshmen commuters to gauge their experiences at Gannon up to this point. If you are anything like me, you’re probably asking yourself, “Would college students really be able to take time out of their busy class schedules to attend something like […]

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Dog Therapy

Is there anything more therapeutic than petting, cuddling with and getting licked by puppies? The correct answer is no, but if you disagree for some reason, dog therapy may not be for you. Starting in November, the first Wednesday of every month from 4:30 to 5:30 is when you can go to the game room […]

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