abbey ritchie

Student Spotlight: Meet Abbey

This piece features my good friend, Abbey Ritchie. We met freshman year during Preview GU and have been friends ever since. I sat down with Abbey for a Q & A to share her Gannon experience. Q: Where are you from, and how far away is it from campus? A: I am from Fairview, Pennsylvania, […]

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Dear Emma: Relationship Advice Column–Part 2

Dear Emma: What advice do you have for a hopeless romantic in today’s world where hookups and “talking” are becoming popular? –Searching for Long-Term Dear Searching for Long-Term: It sounds like you could use a Hallmark movie right about now, but seriously, I understand your frustration. It’s hard to read people and know what they […]

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Student Spotlight: Meet an Estonian

One of the first friends I made in college was Anne-Mari Kaur. She is an international student here at Gannon. We met during Intro to Philosophy and became better friends while taking more and more classes together. I sat down with Anne-Mari for a Qn’A to share a little bit about herself. Q:  Where are […]

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Going to College Without Your High School Best Friend

It’s tough; the person that was always there with you in school to get you through the good and bad times isn’t there anymore. I was really worried when I chose a different university than my best friend. How would I live without her to complain to for the next four years? Granted, we each […]

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matrix neo

Wake Up: Philosophy and “The Matrix”

As a Gannon student, you are required to take six credits of philosophy which includes three credits taken as Introduction to Philosophy (LPHI 131) and three credits taken as a second course of your choice. Then, you also have the option of taking Philosophy of Ethical Responsibility (LPHI 237) or Theology of Moral Responsibility (LTHE […]

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heart string on book1

Dear Emma: Relationship Advice Column

Dear Emma:  I’ve been in a long-term relationship with my boyfriend.  With our anniversary approaching, I’m running out of good ideas for a cheap but thoughtful present.  Do you have any suggestions? –Broke In Love Dear Broke In Love:  Gifts can often be a cause of stress around the holidays.  Don’t let the stress of […]

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Knight Tower

5 Things You Should Know About the Temporary Library Location

As our Spring 2017 semester gets underway, we are all trying to get adjusted to our crazy schedules.  A useful resource for any college student is the university library.  Here are 5 things you should know about the temporary library location that can help you succeed! Name and temporary location of library. Don’t forget your Gannon […]

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