And Then It Was Now

Sometimes, life goes by so fast that you have to recap your week just to make sense of it. I find that I am so busy that I forget everything that I did and don’t give myself enough credit for my accomplishments throughout the week. Also, I feel like recording the things I check off of my to-do list will help inspire me to accomplish things in the coming week. That being said, here is what I did this week:

Last week, my backpack was stolen from my car right in front of my house. My computer, all of my textbooks and notes were  taken. (Be careful out there!) So now I am trying to get my life back together while trying to maintain my school work and everything else I do. Thanks to the amazing students and staff at Gannon, this terrible event in my life has been a lot easier to cope with than I expected. The Student Success Center is allowing me to borrow a laptop for two weeks at a time so I can still do everything I need to do regarding schoolwork. Also, some extremely generous students are letting me borrow their old textbooks so that I have the materials I need to finish the semester. Getting that aspect of my life back on track even just a little bit has been a huge achievement this week.

In addition to that, I also stayed up to date with my extracurricular activities. I went to my meetings for Edge and Student Government. I visited Habibi’s Mediterranean restaurant with three other honors students to broaden our horizons and explore a different cultural cuisine. I even performed with the pep band at the basketball preview.

This week, I was also able to maintain aspects of my life that I do not usually have time to think about. I got a little bit of sleep every single night this week. I spent time with my family and loved ones, and had time to hang out with some friends. I even got a haircut the other day.

I had a busy week, and then it was now.